If you get irritated or bored.
What you are gonna break?

"YO-Kan" is a happy action game.
It is simple control and the rule is easy.
You can move the paddle in any direction just like an air hockey.
Control the paddle with your finger, and hit the moving disks to break all Yokans (that are the japanese jelly)!
When you miss striking the disk, you lose the disk.

It is very pleasant to crush them.
Once you play, you will think you want to play again!

Free version: $0 !!

- Easy to use controls, and simple rules.
- You can play 50 stages free!
- Various types of Yokans.
- You can see beautiful "Wagashi collection".
- Beautiful oriental full 3D graphics.
- Happy 3D sound effects.
- The internet world ranking.

Additional features of full(paid) version
(You can purchase it in the application.)

- Over 200 additional stages!!
- After the 10th stage, the penalty will not limit the number of your disk.
- When the game is over, you can start playing from the most recent stage.
- You can start playing from any point which you have already appeared.


more shots
game movie (YouTube)

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